Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Yes, I know I am hopeless when it comes to blogging. I think about it all the time and have loads of posts that go through my head....I just need that technology where it goes straight from my head onto my blog. Although in times of stress can you imagine what those blog posts would read.....there would be too many expletives.
School holidays have started and I have a terrible head cold and am feeling very unlucky about that.
It is my goal to try and make the holidays enjoyable for the kids and not the usual me running around like a lunatic trying to get my house in order and keep on top of things. I wish I was more of a relaxed kind of person.
Currently something that is occupying my mind a lot is the new chapter of Jamie and Claire Fraser's adventures, An Echo in the Bone. It has now been released and I just can't wait for my copy to arrive on my doorstep.
Although then the trick will be to find time to read it, I can't afford to be up until 3am reading it like I was the last time, my sleep deprivation is bad enough as it is.
So for now I will just keep stalking my postman and am sure will be doing cartwheels when it finally arrives.