Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Wicked Mistake

Madeline May is a young and beautiful widow who calls on the notorious Viscount Altea, Luke for assistance one evening when she believes she's killed a man in her home. A year prior Madeline and Luke had spent a very passionate night together, after which he became distant and avoided her.

Seeing each other again has rekindled their attraction and their affair.

This is a fabulous romance to read. I also enjoyed the back story of Luke's younger sister Elizabeth and her lifelong friend Miles.

I can't wait for the third book in the series to be available "His Sinful Secret" which is out in November 2010.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Lord Scandal

My Lord Scandal (Notorious Bachelors)My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm going to have to order some more of Emma Wildes' novels because I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Its refreshing to read a romance where the hero and the heroine are honest with each other and don't try to deny or destroy their feelings for each other. You can almost feel the chemistry between Alexander and Amelia and wanted them to find a way to be together despite their families disapproval of each other.
It also kept me interested until the end as to why their families hated each other and the mystery surrounding the family heirloom that Alexander was sent to retrieve.
I found "My Lord Scandal" to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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Highland Hellcat by Mary Wine

Highland Hellcat (Highlander, #2)Highland Hellcat by Mary Wine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mary Wine is a favourite author of mine and I always eagerly anticipate the release of a new novel. Highland Hellcat arrived in my post on Friday and I am so lucky it was a rainy Friday afternoon and all the kids sport was cancelled so that I could stick them in front of a dvd, order take-away and I could lose myself in "Highland Hellcat". I honestly didn't stop until I had reached the last page. Its fantastic. If you love a good highland romance then you will enjoy this novel.

Highland Hellcat is the story of Connor Lindsey and Brinna Chattan. Connor Lindsey is betrothed to Brinna's sister Deidre. Connor refuses to marry Deidre after she has an affair with the enemy, Melor Douglas. He still wants an alliance with the Chattans, so claims Brinna, who is the third daughter of the Chattan and who is promised to the Church.

Mary Wine does a fantastic job of giving you an insight into the time period the story is written. I love the little details that you pick up along the way. I also think that she does a great job with the language of that time.

I can't wait for her next instalment "Highland Heat" due out in 2011.

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