Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Celebrations

Another good day in this time of celebration.  A trip to Brisbane to have lunch with DH's side of the family.  Lunch with SIL, Michelle and her partner Chris.  Also there was MIL, Maureen and her husband Brandy.  Michelle and Chris have bought a new place at Bulimba and it was the first time that we have seen it.  It is also the first time that we have seen the both of them since they got engaged.  Absolutely beautiful engagement ring ... and the house was pretty nice too.
It was a bit like Christmas morning again, with the exchanging of presents.  We got some fantastic things.  Geoff and I got a new Scanpan which was just fabulous, now I can chu
ck our pan that is getting a bit dodgy.  Michelle gave me 3 new Pandora charms for my bracelet, which was pretty special.  Geoff got some new work shorts.  The kids got some cool Little Tykes toys and some lego.
Michelle and Chris gave E some new Country Road clothes, which are just my favourite.  I was in Country Road a week ago, eyeing off the gorgeous stuff, but restrained myself because our budget just doesn't allow for it these days.  Maureen and Brandy gave E a sweet little fairy costume that she was running around in this afternoon.
The kids behaviour I was not too happy with at all.  It is like they have forgotten to behave when visiting someone else's house.  Possibly because we don't get invited out a lot, so they don't get to experience it much.  I spoke to them when we
 got home and were sitting having dinner, and we had a good talk about it.
Problem is you don't get invited back after your kids have misbehaved because people tend to think they are like that all the time.
I find it a little stressful.
Trip home was quiet because we put a movie on for the kids, and E slept.
Both G and I are really tired tonight so it is an early night for the two of us, and up again in the morning in my bed to get the house organised.
The wall I painted yesterday looks really nice. 



Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Well I didn't get to post yesterday, because by the time the day finally ended I was completely and utterly exhausted and just collapsed into bed into some kind of comatose state.
I was woken in the early hours of the morning by son no. 3 insisting that I sleep in his bed with him, and was then woken by T and E playing on the floor with some of their new toys.  They were having a lovely little tea party with the new baby in the pram.  Precious moments, but one that could have been delayed an hour or two so I could get a little more sleep.

Christmas Day was wonderful.  Nanny had spent the night for a sleep over so she could see the kids first thing in the morning, it will be interesting to see if she does the same for next year.  S woke me around the 4am mark and I promptly told him it was too early and to go back to bed.  He emerged again at 5.30am which was a little more respectable, so we all got up, all that is with the exception of E.  J, S and T were all very excited about the delivery made by Santa.  They agreed with my suggestion that we should wait for E to wake before we opened any presents.  As time when on, it seemed like a form of torture for the poor things, so I allowed them to open one, then two, and then maybe a third.

After checking on E a couple of times, the third time I peeked in, she had one eye open half way, gave me a slight grin and then promptly closed her eyes again.  Finally got her up at about 6.45am and then the excitement really began.  It is such a treat to see how excited the kids get about the littlest things.

E opened one present, and was happy to just play with that for a while.  Once she got in a rythym though, she was opening everybody's, including my brother Steve's and he wasn't coming for another couple of hours.

Hubby then cooked us a treat of bacon and egg mcmuffins, which could possibly become a Christmas Day breakfast tradition they were so good.

My brother and his girlfriend arrived not too long after that, then my younger brother and his girlfriend who were staying for lunch.  Steven and Sam were going to her family for lunch.

Fantastically delicious roast lamb and pork for lunch, probably the best roast I have had in a long time, with all the usual roast veges, apple sauce and gravy.  The kids liked the apple sauce.  Then it was time to sit and digest whilst the kids continued to check out their new stuff.  Lots of things to be put together.

We have found a new spot for our outdoor table under one of the big trees down toward the bottom of our block, which is my new favourite place to be.  My younger brother gave us an umbrella for our outdoor table which is really nice.  So we sat down there with a cuppa and a piece of mum's very delish Christmas cake.

The kids spent the afternoon racing around with some new remote control cars.

Dinner was just left over lunch, which the kids seemed to eat more at dinner time than they did at lunch time.

We all sat down and watched the Santa Clause 3 movie, we have watched all three this week now.  We were going to watch no. 3 on Christmas Eve but it got too late.

Mum didn't stay for another night, I think she was too desperate for a sleep in this morning.

And that was our Christmas Day.  I don't think it could have gotten any better.  It would have been nice if Steve and Sam were here for lunch, but otherwise a pretty perfect day.

Likewise today has been a fairly cruisy day.  Mum wanted me to take her to Palmwoods to see her dear friend, so we did that this morning.  I took T and E with me.  We weren't gone long.  I got to cuddle my friends 5 week old baby and get all gooey eyed.  I just adore tiny babies, which wish I could cuddle my own again at that age.

The kids have been very happy today to play with their new things, and to hang about in their new cubby house.

My desire today was for an afternoon nap or an early night, both of which have passed me by.  Oh well maybe tomorrow.  Although I have now realised that tomorrow is Saturday and my husband will be off to golf, so no sleep in.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 More Sleeps ...

The big day is nearing ... and I am starting to feel the excitement of Christmas. Those last minute rushing around jobs, making sure everything is in order for Dec. 25th.

I was hoping today would be a relaxing day, but it was all systems go at the cubby house to try and get it completed. Tomorrow morning will be the fitting of the front door and the carpet and then it will be move in day. Geoff will have a little bit of painting to do, some trims and things, and then staining the decking. It looks absolutely fabulous, I wouldn't mind moving in there myself. God Bless Merv, he has done a marvellous job, and given so much of his time, just so that my children have some where to play.

I discovered today that my brother's girlfriend, Amanda, has a desire for scrapbooking. I was really excited to hear about that. It would be good if we could share a common interest. I also likewise becoming increasingly excited about becoming an Aunt.

My lovely husband has ducked out to Woolworths to get some last minute groceries, even after a hard day's labouring. I really do not want to have to go out tomorrow, I would like to just enjoy my children at home, maybe even a trip to the beach. Geoff has been so busy with the cubby house, that we have not had an opportunity for family time, and he will be back at work in a week or so.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here We Go .....

Well I have finally taken the plunge and created my very own blog page. I have no idea what I am doing and how this is going to go, but I love to check up on my two friends that have blogs and see what they are up to, and I am sure they would likewise like to see what I am up to, so lets see how this goes!!!!!