Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Day of Adventure in the City

We re-evaluated our plans today, originally we were going to go to Taronga Zoo. After a very late night last night I wasn't sure the little kids would last a whole day out there. The Zoo is very hilly and lots of walking is involved. From memory there is a lot to see and to get the most of your $$ you should try and see everything. Also it was an overcast day, after a rainy night. The Zoo has a beautiful outlook high on the hills overlooking the Harbour so if its windy it can be very chilly. We went about 7 years ago I think, and I really wanted to see the new elephant exhibit, it was in the planning stages when were last there. Oh well we will have to save that for the next time we are down. Emma will be a little older and it should be a little easier.
So instead the kid wanted to go to the Aquarium, which we went to also on our last trip 7 years ago and I remembered it being really enjoyable. Also a half day is enough to get through everything and I thought I might be able to sneak into the city. I wanted to look at one of the really big book stores there. I knew I wouldn't buy anything but I just love how big it is and like to just soak up a little of the atmosphere.
I also wanted to look in David Jones and Myers, not really sure why when I don't have any spending money, but I just love how big they are.
The kids really enjoyed the Aquarium and so did Geoff and I. Geoff had set the kids a challenge about the behaviour and it really made a difference, which made it for a much more enjoyable experience.
We stopped and had a bit for lunch, it was after 1 when we came out.
We headed into the City because I wanted to show the kids the QVB (Queen Vic Building) as its very old and has a fabulous clock. They also had their Christmas Tree up which had Swarovski crystal ornaments and was just beautiful.
We headed into the Book Stores and Myers but the kids were getting a little ridiculous and I thought it was silly to try and take them shopping.
We had wanted to see Happy Feet 2 at the IMAX but in the morning when we checked it out the only session was 10am. Instead we went to see Puss in Boots at 4 o'clock. The kids were in awe of the size of the screen and its a real experience. Geoff and I had been on occasion when we had been here, mostly before we had kids, but once when we came down for his Nan's funeral we went to see Avatar. Its a wonderful experience and surprisingly not that expensive, not much more than a 3D ticked at our local cinema.
We were back at the Hotel around 6 and had dinner in. I've packed pretty much everything and have organised an overnight bag for David and Liz's. Geoff is taking us for breakfast in the morning because he knows its my favourite thing to do. Then we will head out to see the family again on the way to Berrowra Waters. We will spend the night with David and Liz and then head back home.
The last few days of holidays always fly by. Our time in the city has been wonderful, the kids haven't been as well behaved as would have liked but its hard to be all couped up together I guess. I hope they have enjoyed it and some day appreciate the effort it takes for a family of 6 to have a holiday.

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