Friday, June 5, 2009

A bit of R and R.

Well they say things happen in threes, and that is certainly the way our day has panned out.
1.  Flat battery in the car this morning;
2.  My eldest son pulling a boy out of a pool who couldn't get his head above the water;  and 
3.  Geoff got bitten by a possum.
I am sure in any given day you can think of 3 unlucky things that have happened.  Usually when something bad happens, I will always try and think of 2 other things.
So our day started with packing up all our gear in the car to travel up to Fraser Island for the long weekend.  It is now something we seem to do every year with Geoff's work partners and their families.  Usually we go in April but this year it was postponed until June.
Got the car all packed up, which takes quite an effort, and the car wouldn't start.  Just made a ridiculous clicking noise.  A brief moment of panic, and then I rang my baby bro who came over, suggested it was the battery, gave us a jump start and we were off.  We went into Maroochydore and purchased a new battery for the car.  As it still has its original battery we thought that was wise.  Nothing worse than getting stuck on a sand island with a dead battery.
The trip up was cruisy.  Not game to stop the car.   We were a little nervous on the barge because we had to turn the car off, but thankfully when we got over to the island the car started fine.
We unpacked and headed straight to the pool, the kids were very keen to get a swim in before it got too late.
They were having a great time.
I noticed a little boy swimming next to Joseph who seemed to be in trouble.  It was quite surreal really, it took a brief moment to realise that the poor boy couldn't get his mouth above the water and was really struggling to get his head above the water but was sinking further and further under the water.
I shouted out to my son who pulled the boy up from under the water and bought him over to me at the side of the pool.
The little fella was so limp and I couldn't get him to sit up, and as he was breathing he was making this awful gurgling sound.  Another mother had noticed from the other side of the pool and came over to give us some assistance.  He was not her son but she seemed to know who he was.  Must have belonged to some kind of group.
She was calling out to someone to come over, and a male came over, she told him to get his mother because he really wasn't good.
The mother and someone came and picked him up and went back over to their group where they had happily been enjoying a few drinks.
Not even a word of thanks.
I hope they went and got him checked out because if he didn't clear the water out of his lungs he could be in real trouble.
But what else could we do, we explained what had happened.  She was probably really embarrassed by the fact that she was not properly watching her son.
It was a reality check for me, that drowning really is very silent.  There were children, and some adults too, all around him and none of them noticed his struggle.
Back to the our room for baths and dinner.  The kids are so excited to be here.
We had pizzas and lasagne for dinner.
The kids have gone to bed late but fingers crossed they will sleep well.
I am about to get a nice hot shower and tuck myself into bed.
It would be nice if the children had a sleep in tomorrow, but I am sure they will be up early with the excitement.
I have told them they can start the day with a swim.  Such a treat when we no longer have a pool at home.
I didn't take the camera to the pool with me because Geoff didn't come with me, but the sunset was just amazing, so I am hoping there is something similar tomorrow.

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