Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End to a Busy Weekend

Well I finally have my feet up with a cup of tea and my treasured Macbook.  I have surfed around my usual sites that I check up on daily.  I am looking forward to the MTV Awards tomorrow night so that I can get a glimpse of the new trailer for New Moon.  I have just noticed that my New Moon widget does not seem to be counting down any more.
We have had a really busy weekend which is not the usual for us.  Certainly we are not often busy going out, just busy at home with the usual ritual.
We had the sleep over on Friday night which was a huge success.  I was so pleased as to how well behaved all the kids were.
I can feel that I have missed out on my dose of Daisys though.  Its my own personal therapy.
Saturday morning Geoff took the boys to rugby, and E because she loves going out.
T stayed home with me and we had a cruisy morning.  He watched a bit of tv and stayed in his pjs and I tidied and did some washing.
I went and got my hair cut and coloured.  I am trying a new style because it was so long I could get it cut with less layers.  I have had a similar style many years ago and I really just wanted a change.
Thank god all those greys are now hidden.  I was starting to look quite hideous.
I had briefly thought about giving up on the colouring, but after seeing myself in recent weeks I am certainly not ready to go grey just yet.
The boys then went to a friend's house to have a play.
Geoff and I just had our 2 y/o daughter for a couple of hours, but not really enough time to do anything.
We picked the boys up and then dropped them at my Mum's because she said she would have them for a sleep over.  Geoff and I went to the movies to see "Angels and Demons" which we both enjoyed.  Geoff really enjoyed the book.
With Ron Howard, Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor teaming up it really couldn't fail.
It always re-ignites my interest in learning about religious history.
Just need more hours in the day to fit in more reading.
Geoff and I came home and watched a bit of tv and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We would have gone out for dinner, but as friends were taking us to lunch today, we decided not to.
Heather and Merv took us out to the Boat Shed for a lovely Sunday lunch today.  They wanted to thank Geoff for some legal assistance he gave them, which was really nice of them.
Merv's sister Barbara is visiting from Victoria so she came with us, and very kindy offered to drive us all home.
The food was amazing.  I would give it five stars.  For entree I had crumbed whiting with a lime aoili with a strawberry salad.  Main I had eye fillet with potato rosti, fried onion rings, broccolini and a bernaise sauce.  It was perfect.
I then had an orange meringue dessert with pineapple.
There was plenty of wine consumed but I didn't feel too tipsy.  Just very very full.
Mum brought all the kids home and our peace was shattered.  
The kids are all tired from their big weekend, so they were in bed out to it quite early.
Geoff is off to Brisbane in the morning, so he will leave early and I am sure it will be a busy start to the day.
Once again my week is full of all sorts of things.  I crave a week with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

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