Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back on the road to recovery

Thankfully today I have felt like I was finally over the dreaded stomach bug that we all had.  the kids seem much better now too, although S had a bit of an incident today from the other end, but hopefully that was a one off.
Last night I cooked a really nice dinner, lamb cutlets and roast veges.  Everyone ate a good meal so that is a good sign too.
Tonight I made a curry that I have made loads of times and the kids all seem to like it.
Its always really hard to make something that they all like.
We have really not done much at all this weekend.  I had washing to get up to date with, and a house that really needed some attention.  Saturday I had no motivation at all and was really still quite tired.
Geoff took S to his rugby game and E went with them.  She always wants to go with her daddy.  So it was myself and the other two boys at home and we stayed in bed until 10 and T was in his pj's until lunch time.
J was still feeling really unwell and happy to just laze around.
I was still feeling quite nauseous.  I should have gone to the chemist really and gotten something to ease that, I don't know why I always suffer through it.
I have a really busy week coming up, lots of tests and things on the go, something almost every day.
I will only really have Friday to get organised for next weekend's retreat at Daisys.  And I really need to be organised so that I am good and not spend too much on supplies.  Spending nothing is really going to be the best plan, but I am sure that won't be the case.
I always get anxious and stressed when I know that I have a lot on.  I have to learn to take things one day at a time.
Geoff will have a busy week this week, he always does but the fact that he was out of action for two days will mean next week is a nightmare for him.
I have ordered a series of books from Fishpond and I am hoping they will arrive early next week.  I have re-read Twilight and am currently re-reading New Moon.  I read New Moon particularly quickly because I was so keen for Edward to return.  So it will be good to read it again and pick up what I may have breezed over.
Although I am getting the same feeling, really wanting to get passed Bella's time with Jacob and back to Edward.
I need to pace myself.
It is good to be enthusiastic about reading.  I always read on recommendation.  I have just tonight received a title of a book I think is right up my alley, set in Scotland which is always a drawcard for me.
Might have to investigate the local bookstore to see if they have it.
Goodnight for now.

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