Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sick Kids

If it's one thing I find very difficult to deal with ... its vomiting children.  It makes me feel just as sick in the stomach as probably they do.
My youngest son started the ball rolling on Sunday, Mother's Day of all days.  It came very out of the blue, he was fine and happily playing when he spewed all over his bedroom floor (thank god I don't have carpet!), but of course it was all over the valances and doona covers...its amazing how far it goes.
Then he vomited in the car, then all over two lounge cushions.  Lots of washing.
Then Monday afternoon my daughter started, all through her bed covers, then after I stripped that to wash it all, all over the bare mattress, more cleaning!.
Then she had a go at two of the other lounge cushions.
See I have been meaning to clean my lounge for months because it is quite feral, now my hand was forced.
Then Wednesday night my 6 y/o started his turn.  He was so funny though, right in the middle of his dinner he hopped up and went to the toilet, but then came back and had a hissy fit when I told him he shouldn't eat the rest of his dinner because it would only come back up.  In the end I gave in and let him eat it because he was so distraught because he said he was so hungry.
I was confident when I went to bed that he would go to the toilet to be sick or use the bucket I gave him.
I should have realised that just isn't my luck this week.
My husband went to check on him before he went to bed and he had been sick all through his bed and was blissfully asleep in the middle of it.
So more washing and showering my son.
Another wake up call at 2am because he was sick in his bed again.
Lucky the washing machine going at 2am didn't wake the other kids.
Well its now Thursday morning and my husband is home, so I know that he is really sick, because it takes a lot for him to not go to work.
I suggested it would be much better if he didn't spread it through his office.  He didn't argue with me so I knew he certainly wasn't feeling up to working.
And now I am feeling the effects.
Trying very hard to keep my mind occupied, but I know its coming.
I still have 3 children home to look after....oh that's right and a husband to, which is the equivalent of having a dozen kids at home.
The clothesline is once again full of washing with rain clouds hovering above.
It is nice to sit at my gorgeous new Macbook for a few minutes and think of something else other than vomit....even though I am blogging about it.
The days can only get better.
I hope this nasty virus bypasses the rest of our family and friends.

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