Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daisy Retreat

I thought I had better post about my weekend, before I head off and tuck myself into bed.  I am sitting on the lounge with my feet up enjoying a lovely hot cuppa.  My husband managed to get his Airport Express up and running so that I can sit down this end of the house with my Macbook, true luxury  now.
I have had a wonderful weekend.  I managed to get to the Daisy Chain retreat at a reasonable hour this time, rather than my usual 8 or 9 o'clock night.  Geoff came home at lunch time so that I could load my stuff in his car, and then once the boys had finished their swimming lessons after school I drove to his office and swapped the kids with his car full of goodies.
Sue taught a class on Friday night, which I thought was so much better than having them on the Saturday.  I felt good because I had a completed layout on the first night.
I felt this retreat was the most relaxing one I had been to.  There were a few less ladies than normal so whether that was the difference or whether it was just the combination of ladies that were just really comfortable which each other.
I really treasure my two weekends a year where I have this time to myself with my best of friends.
Barbi truly is a gem for putting on these retreats, it takes up so much of her time and her energy to have them running so smoothly.
I wish that I had had internet connection because there are so many things I need advice from Jenny about.  Hopefully I will have that up and running for next Friday night.
I didn't sleep too well at this retreat, still being awake at 3am.  Lots of noises I felt at the hotel and  just wasn't as comfortable as I normally am.  I didn't get to have my 'nanna nap' on the Saturday afternoon and I felt that made a difference for me on the Sunday.
Getting the opportunity to sit and chat is as valuable to me as the layouts that I complete.
I have folded the washing, Geoff had even managed to do a load for me.  I have ironed the uniforms and made the lunches so I am not feeling as stressed as I normally would be on a Sunday night.  Geoff did keep the house quite tidy so that was a bonus too.
I may even try and go for my walk in the morning.  I really should go and get some fruit and vege, but after the amount of food I have eaten over the weekend I probably should make my walk a priority.
Well I am going to take my weary body and have a nice hot shower and tuck myself in for an early night, even though that still sometimes means reading for an hour or two.....or three or four.  Might start a Sookie book tonight.

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  1. Hi Karen, found your blog, it's really pretty. Hope you have a good night's sleep and can't wait to hear what you think about Sookie!


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