Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell No. 1

Happy Birthday Sarah

Bye Bye ... see you soon

Today we travelled to the airport to wave off Mark and Sarah, who headed to Sydney for a few days.  Their children Hannah and Georgia are staying behind with their grandparents, Trevor and Angela, and my mother.  They are in Sydney until Thursday where they will then fly to Perth and meet up with the others.
They have a few things planned, one of which is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, which I think would be amazing.  I hope that they have a really good time and enjoy the break.  Sarah was a bit teary at leaving her little girls, and its always hard, but the thought of a few days R & R wouldn't stop them.
We had a really nice bbq dinner last night.  They were then heading out for a night on the town with my brothers.  Funny Geoff and I weren't asked if we wanted to go along.  Whether that is because they think because we have four children that is just something that's impossible these days, they probably aren't far off there.  I probably would have been asleep at the bar by 10pm.
After the airport we went to Chermside for a quick look around.  I was pretty pleased I picked up a Country Road bag that I had been eyeing off at $100.00 and today it was $30.00.  Not bad.  I also got some shorts from Lorna Jane at the DFO, so there really is no reason that I can't get on that treadmill and walk off some of this Christmas cheer!
The kids were pretty good at the shops, but T lost the plot towards the end so we decided to leave.  Shopping just is not enjoyable with four kids in tow.
We went to the DFO before the airport, because the others were lagging behind.  Most of the shops weren't open and I am tempted to go for another browse around when we go down on Thursday to farewell Trevor and Angela.
J & S were feral tonight going to bed.  So frustrating.  They really do need separating but I am just not sure what the best option there is.  Need to figure that one out before school goes back.
I now have to tackle that mountain of folding that has been piling up.  With all these visitors and day trips out I am so far behind in my household stuff.  Have been staying up late to get it under control and haven't been having much sleep.

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