Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Want a cup a tea luv!

Today was a pretty good day.

The kids and I headed out fairly early down to Mum's place to catch up with the UK relatives.  Not long now and they will be leaving us.  The kids were pretty good and played with their cousins, something they just don't have here in Australia.  I enjoyed watching my little E play with Georgia.  Georgia is one on 1 February, and E 2 on 19 February, so there is one years age difference.  E doesn't get to really play with anyone her own age or younger and she seems quite taken with Georgia.  She doted on her, gave her toys to play with, gave her kisses and chatted away happily to her.  Hopefully after the arrival of my brother's little girl sometime in the near future, E will have another little cousin to play with.

It was a relaxed day spent just talking and downing many cups of tea.  I tried to stick to my Sureslim program, and managed to do that for breakfast and dinner.  As I was out, lunch was just what was at mums.  I did sneak a biscuit or two when I got home.  I was just really tired.  I made sure I cooked Geoff and I a dinner following SureSlim.  It actually felt really good to be cooking good food, that I know will help me along to lose to extra kg gained over Christmas.  I have been really disappointed with myself because prior to Christmas I was going so well and had managed to lose almost 5 kgs, and have nearly put all that back on purely by overindulging.  It is a hard thing to stay focused because part of me thinks its holidays and I should just take a break, but unfortunately I just don't seem to know where to stop myself.  With me it seems to be all or nothing.  I need to find that happy medium.  

I know Sureslim works, I have done it before and be really happy with the weight loss that I managed.  Who knows if I hadn't fallen pregnant again whether I would have kept the weight off or not.  But I know I can get there again, I just need to stay focused and be organised.  I have already made lunch for Geoff and myself tomorrow, so all that is needed is to pull it out of the fridge.  I am so much better when I set small goals for myself and just take it one step at a time.  If I try to bite off more than I can chew then I just fail.  

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