Monday, January 12, 2009

One of those days ....

Well today was one of those days that you just have to forget and start again tomorrow.

I find myself thinking quite a lot these days about the effects of food on my No. 2 son's behaviour. On our day out yesterday the kids had a chocolate milk and cookie for morning tea and McDonalds for lunch.  Both of my eldest boys were today were really out of sorts.  No. 1 son was just plain tired, but thinks he is too old to go and have quiet time on his bed.  We also had an argument about what I had prepared for lunch and I told him if he wouldn't eat that he could go without.  Each time he asked for something to eat, I re-offered his lunch, so he ate nothing until dinner.  He was just being stubborn but I wasn't giving in.  It wasn't as though I had made something I knew he wouldn't eat.  In any event the hunger didn't aid the whinginess.

Charming son No. 2 just seems to change personality and I do believe the majority of his behaviour is the result of certain types of food.  I could virtually bet money on it.  These days I expect his behaviour to change after a birthday party, or too much treat food, which of course is in abundence at this time.

I didn't enjoy today one little bit, and could have wished to be anywhere else.

Probably didn't help that I decided to clean my oven and catch up on housework which left them fending for themselves.  Crazy ... there are a million and one things to do, but I virtually have to tell them what to do.  S and T are pretty good at playing together and making up games.  Albeit that one of their games today was to throw water through J's bedroom window as he was in there in quiet time.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Geoff has hooked up his Time Capsule for the Mac and it is backing up all our precious photos and video footage.  I feel a little more relaxed knowing we now have all our precious momentos stored somewhere else.  It was an expensive addition that we could have done without right now, but I see it as a bit like insurance, just something you should have.  Unfortunately I think it will take a week for the Capsule to do its initial backup, which means I haven't been able to carry on with organising some photos for printing.  I would so love to have my own Macbook.

I am loving my new Making Memories Slice.  I have been enjoying making some cards with it, very simple cards but really nice.  I just noticed on the Making Memories website that there are loads of new design cards to be released at the end of the month.  


  1. Hi Karen, thanks for fixing the comment problem. I've been playing with Wordpress blogs this afternoon, they have lots more to choose from as far as templates go.

  2. Gosh I had to do three word verifications before it post my comment. You can turn that off..... Another thing if you want to test it yourself, just comment on your own blog.


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