Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Great Day

I can tick today off as a good day had by all.  I had been telling the kids that if I saw some good behaviour by them, then I would think of somewhere to take them swimming.  We are really missing not having a pool in our own backyard this summer, and swimming is a great way for them to burn some energy.

So this morning, we headed off to the Mountain Creek Aquatic Centre.  It is smaller there than at the Kawana Aquatic Centre, but I thought that this one wouldn't be quite as busy.  Also the small children's pool is perfect for E, because she can touch the bottom of the entire pool.  Unless she gets knocked over and loses her balance, she happily plods around.

We spent two hours there.  J and S went into the 50 m pool and did some diving and laps.  T was keen to get in the 50m pool but I did suggest to him that he stick with E in the little pool, as the outside lanes were taken up with kids having lessons, so they had to use the two middle lanes, and to be honest I just didn't want to have to dive in myself to help him.  It is a shame because it is great to see him having confidence to swim in the bigger pools.  I had thought it would be a good idea for me to take he and E when the boys are back at school so that they can have some fun.  It will be quieter than too.

We had some lunch with Nanny and the UK relatives.  I then had to be home by 2 as a valuer was coming to give us an updated valuation of the house for the bank.  We were home before 1, and I put E to bed and she slept for just over 2 hours.  Not surprised that she had worn herself out.

I let the boys watch a bit of telly because it was hot and I just needed some quiet time.  Then they went outside to play for a bit until dinner.  

I noticed that when we were at the pool, there was no fighting between any of the kids, they happily played together.  They were like that when we had a pool at the other house, it was always an easy option for me when they were bickering and difficult, to let them burn that frustration and energy in swimming.

Let's hope for another nice day tomorrow.  I did need today's reminder, that my children can get along and be well behaved, well mannered and considerate of others.  I have had my doubts in recent days.


  1. Hey Karen, I didn't realise you had a blog, I found it through Jenny's blog, I hope you don't mind. Nice to see the kids played nicely at the pool for you. My 2 haven't been in our pool for about a week now. They are obsessed with their DS's. They don't argue when they are playing, and I LOVE that!! Glad you are well. Take care. xx

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was very excited when I saw that. It's nice that Kerry has dropped in for a visit too. How cool, you now have two readers.... Hope you have another good day tomorrow and that the valuer's comments were favourable.


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