Sunday, January 4, 2009

Surprise Surprise

Mum and her bestie Joy
Mum and Joy again
Mum and big bro' Trevor

After what seemed like a lifetime of trying to keep secrets for Mum and making arrangements, Mum's brother Trevor, his wife Angela, their son Mark and Mark's wife Sarah and their daughters Hannah and Georgia managed to pull it all off and surprise Mum for her 65th birthday.

They arrived in Australia yesterday and spent the night at the Beerwah Motel.  Thanks to Mum having the weekend off, I arranged a lunch here at my house, with good family friends.  Mum arrived mid morning, and friends started to arrive at around 11.30am.  Mum brother and co made their appearance around the 1pm mark.

It was quite funny actually because Matthew had organised to play a DVD for Mum that had her brother and family wishing her a happy birthday all the way from the UK.  She then came back outside to where we had been sitting, and they were all there just sitting.  It was so funny because it took a while for her to register who was sitting there in front of her, and she was quite gobsmacked.  I must admit that I shed a few tears just to see her so happy.  My mother deserves all the happiness in the world because she is such a selfless, giving, caring person.  She always gives so much, and does not wish for much for herself.  I've always said she would give someone in need the shirt off her own back.  So it was really nice to see her getting something back.

My concerns of not enough food of course were for nothing.  Although there were a few that I was expecting that were unable to come, and then not all stayed for lunch.  It was a nice lunch though, cold meats, chicken, salads and fresh bread rolls.  I overdid it a bit on the nibbles.  I think everyone is a bit over nibbles from the Christmas/New Year period.

Mum and her brothers family stayed for dinner, so I pulled it all out again and we ate some more.  I will take some down to Mums tomorrow.

The birthday cake that I ordered from the Cheesecake Shop was beautiful, expensive, but beautiful.    I will definitely have to start my diet tomorrow.

The kids all had a lovely time together.  I had a lovely cuddle of my friend Michelle's newborn Caitlyn who is now about 6 weeks old.  I love that tiny age.  So precious.

My kids were all well behaved.  E managed the day without a sleep.  J wasn't too good, had a bad headache and a funny tummy.  I think the funny tummy came from 2 cups of Fanta which my kids just don't drink and if they do I dish it out and watch how much they have.  They had gone to the esky and managed to pour it themselves.  S will probably be uncontrollable tomorrow.  J felt better after a vomit and some panadol.  He was still very quiet for the day though.

I am now pretty exhausted from the busy weekend, and all the planning and running around, all worth it to see my Mum so happy.

I will post some photos of the day, then head for the shower and the comfort of my bed.  I am sure I will sleep well tonight.  Geoff is back at work tomorrow which is quite disappointing, I wish his holidays were for another month!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day was had by all Karen. I'm sure your Mum felt very special and very loved. You're like me, always think there's not enough food and end up with too much. I always think that's much better than having not enough! Hope having Geoff back at work tomorrow, isn't too difficult for you.


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