Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well I knew that it had to happen some day ... and I managed to go a year before that day finally came .... our first snake sighting!  I much preferred them behind their glass at the zoo last week than in my backyard.

The day started out innocent enough.  Trying to make plans with the UK rellies, they were going to the park and then to the river for a swim, which I decided to forego, because I hate swimming in the river.  Especially with the high tides we have been having and E thinking she is the next Stephanie Rice, I knew that I would get drenched and am just not up for that today.

So I told Mum to ring me when they got home and we will pop over then.

What should we do then ... well the rubbish pile is being removed on Saturday (hallelulah) so I thought we could clean out the back garden and prune some trees so that it could go as well.

That was until I almost stepped and a dirty great big snake sunning itself in our garden.  He took off into the long grass beside the fence.  I assured the kids that he would be more frightened than we are (when I told dh this his comment was that "the snake must have been really really really really frightened - lol!!!).

Needless to say gardening finished and we are all inside, am happy now for the kids to play on the computer.  

Scary thing is E walked straight up to the long grass to play.

I think I know why the snake has decided to make that his home as well, as there was a nice little family of quails living in there, and now I can't remember the last time that I saw them.  Hopefully the noise of my kids will give him a headache and he will find some peace and quiet in someone else's yard.

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