Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brand New Niece

Here are some photos of my brand new little niece, born this morning at 1.05am, weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces.

She's a real little sweetheart

My mother and I have been for a visit this morning, and she really is just delightful.  She does not have a name just yet, her mother and father have two names they are tossing up between.
The entire visit baby was very settled and slept.  She had just had a feed and seemed very content.
I am so happy for them both and I hope that everything works out well for them in the new future as a family.
I get so clucky when I see little babies, but this felt a little more special because she was part of our family, which really is quite small.  Who knows what the future holds and whether there could be more babies in our future.  For a long time I thought our children would be the only ones.
My mum seemed really happy to have a new little grandchild.
I sat up last night waiting to here any news, I was too excited to sleep.  I sat and watched some of the video footage of our children as newborn babies.  I could sit and watch it for hours and try and take myself back to those days, they seem so long ago.  Sometimes I struggle to remember certain things and I wish I could take myself back and re-live them all over again.
The years just pass by so quickly, I wish they would slow down just a little so that I had a little more time to enjoy them.

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