Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Alone

The house is quiet and I have most of my 'chores' up to date, so I thought I could indulge in some time on the computer, with a nice hot chocolate.  Certainly not allowed on SureSlim, but I have been good all day, and when my husband phoned to say he had a late meeting, I thought I couldn't be bothered cooking my own meal, and ate with the kids.

I tried a new recipe copied from my friend Jenny's fantastic recipe blog, Salsa Chicken and Wedges.  Very nice indeed and clean plates all around, so that is a huge success.

I am feeling a bit like a single parent at the moment, Geoff is so busy at work and seems to be under quite a lot of pressure.  I was pleased that he wouldn't be playing golf last weekend, but then disappointed when he went to work for the morning.  He left this morning for work before 4am and probably won't be home tonight until close to 10pm.  He will then have to leave early in the morning again because he has to be in Brisbane.  I get concerned knowing that he will be driving home from Brisbane rather tired.  I am always relieved when he makes it home safely.

We had a nice family weekend, we took the kids to the movies on Saturday afternoon.  We were going to see "Bolt" but when we got there the session had been cancelled.  A quick decision was made to see "Bedtime Stories", and it was really good of the guy to give us discounted tickets for the inconvenience.  The kids all enjoyed the movie.  They love a trip to the cinema which they don't get too often.

Sunday morning Geoff took them all bike riding for a couple of hours.  They had a great time.  I stayed home and got a few things done.  Didn't seem fair that I was at home doing housework whilst they were enjoying a morning out, but then again I did enjoy the peace and quiet.

I decided to do some bedroom shuffling with the kids, still in my search of finding the perfect match when it comes to bedroom sharing.  So far so good, so fingers crossed they all stay happy.

With my biggest boy being in Grade 3 now, he really needed his own space and I am also allowing him to stay up half an hour later than the other kids.  We use this time to do his reading.

All in all our return to school has been a smooth one, although trying to remain organised is quite exhausting, but I am hoping that it will become second nature.

Something exciting and new in my life is online grocery shopping.  I am expecting my first delivery from Coles tomorrow, and can't wait.  If I can do my grocery shopping online and continue to get my meat order home delivered, that is going to give me a lot more free time for catching up around the house.  I also want to have some time to get my scrapping organised and in order so that I am more productive on a Friday night.  I have done a couple of Sue's class kits on a Friday night which is good because it takes all of the thinking off my plate, and I can just sit and follow instructions.  But I have a lot of ideas in my head and I would like to be able to put them together.  I find I am always in a rush to just get there on a Friday night, and don't put any thinking in to what I am going to do, and therefore end up not having the photos I want, or the supplies I need for the photos.

I am just taking each day one at a time and trying not to stress myself out with the amount of things I know I need to do.  I can hear the washing machine beeping for me ... another load done!

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