Saturday, February 21, 2009

In Need of some Respite

I am wondering just how tired one person can get.  I had a night at home last night rather than my usual Friday night scrapbooking at Daisys.  There is a retreat on that starts on Friday night and finishes on Sunday afternoon.
I have my name down to go to one in May and also one in November.  Can't wait for May!
I thought that I would scrap at home on Friday night, I have a few things I want to get done.  Still haven't made my niece a card, nor a birthday card for my little sweetie girl.  I also wanted to start a little mini album of Shanti, for either Amanda or my mother as a Mother's Day gift.
You would think that would not be unachievable because that's what I normally do on a Friday night, and I didn't even have to pack up my stuff and drive for 20 minutes to get started.
But the problem with trying to do anything for myself whilst at home, is that there are just too many other things that always need doing, folding washing, doing washing, ironing, tidying...the list is never ending.
And I just can't relax enough to do something for myself.  
I am finding it exhausting trying to be organised all the time.  I am already worrying about having to make all the lunches tomorrow night for school and for Geoff and myself, plus getting all the uniforms organised .... and that's 24 hours away.
We are having a family bbq here tomorrow for little E's birthday.  I have made the rissoles and am just having hamburgers, as that is the simpliest, so there won't be too much to do tomorrow.  I have made the birthday cake and will just have to ice it.
So fingers crossed tomorrow can be relaxed and easy.
My new little niece will be here so  I will need 5 minutes just to adore her.
My biggest boy who really is a sweetheart said something lovely after Shanti's visit the other day.  He said to me that he didn't want to finish having a hold of her, and that he could have held her for six years.  He was telling my hairdresser on Friday afternoon that he would love it if we could have another baby in our house, but that I had told him there would be no more babies, that four was enough.  He's right there.

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