Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here are some of the cards I made this Friday night

This paper range is just beautiful.  You can't really see from the photo but it is glittery, really sweet colours.  Its actually an Easter range from Imaginesce called "For Peeps Sake".  I wish I had a better photo.

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  1. Love how you're posting photos. Those cards are just gorgoeus. To stop that loss of detail in cards (or layouts) when photographing, take them into your dining room, or out on the outdoor setting, (not in direct sunlight)and take the photo without a flash. You'll do your lovely work much more credit as the colour will be natural. Your scrap space looks fabulous. Now I'll wave my magic wand so you can have some time to actually create in your space too. I have tine of late, but no inspiration, really peeves me about myself.

    HOpe you're having a lovely weekend.


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