Monday, March 16, 2009

Willow Tree

Here are some photos of my Willow Tree figurines.  I can't exactly pinpoint what it is about the Willow Tree collection, but I think they are beautiful.  The figurines themselves I think are beautiful, but also the message and story that comes along with them.  I have on occasion given them to a few friends as gifts, and I can always find one that I think is appropriate.
The man and woman embracing was the first one that I ever bought, and I actually gave it to Geoff one Christmas.  Seems strange I know, but it is called "Promise".  I think when he opened it he thought it was a little odd that I would give him a figurine.
This represents my family, mother, father and four children.  The mother holding the two children is called "Quietly", which my house is far from quiet.  The boy holding the gold heart is called "Heart of Gold" and I do think that my eldest son truly does have a heart of gold, because he is always thinking of his brothers and his sister and does think of others before he thinks of himself, a quality that I hope he keeps.

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