Monday, March 9, 2009

My Big Boy is 8!

My day today didn't go as I would have liked.
I had two boys keep me awake last night with illness.  The main problem seemed to be headaches.  Had to keep up the Nurofen and sips of water all night.  So no sleep for me last night.
I had lots of plans for my day today, none of which included having 3 kids in tow, so I had to make new plans.
My first born celebrated his 8th birthday today.  He was very excited when he woke up, and even more excited when he opened his presents and there were some Pokemon cards.  We gave him a nice watch which he said was great, so I was happy about that.  He also got some new clothes, some Ben 10 pyjamas and his Aunty Michelle sent him a Star Wars game and Light Saber for his Wii.
I packed him off to school with 3 tupperware containers of cupcakes, which I am a little nervous about because my containers didn't come home with him.  I didn't pick him up, a good friend kindly offered to take him to his swimming lesson and drop him home afterwards.  That was good timing because Thomas was having a sleep and I certainly was not going to take sick kids to sit by a pool in the rain.
I spent the day playing Nurse and dealing with 3 kids.  It had its many ups and downs.  I made two chocolate cakes, which when I was making them realised I had put in too much caster sugar, but didn't think it would make much of a difference.  But then they didn't come out of the cake tin in one piece.
My son had requested for his birthday cake a Pavlova in the shape of a ghost.  Quite a challenge.  Unfortunately I didn't have enough eggs to make meringue.  I only had two eggs which is why I made the cake.
Then my friend Heather said she would drop off some of those little meringue cases.  
I made some chicken rolls up for dinner.  I flattened some chicken breast and then put some ham, spinach and camembert on top and rolled them up.  I was pretty happy with them.  It all got eaten so everyone else must have been happy with them too.
The meringue shells didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them too.  I topped them with strawberries, a scoop of ice cream and then tried to mound some cream to make them look like little ghosts.  I used two smarties for eyes.  I had to work pretty quickly because the ice cream was melting.  I probably would have been better off without it.  But with what I had the time to work with they were ok.
Both my sick boys have gone to bed ok, so hopefully they get a good night's sleep.
If T is well enough to go to kindy, I am actually on roster.  I am not sure what I would prefer, him to be home sick, or to go to kindy but me to be on roster.   I really am just too tired.
I haven't had a decent night's sleep for 3 weeks.
Which is why I should finish off and take myself off to bed.
There are always so many other things to do.

These are the very ordinary looking meringue ghosts.

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  1. Love your template. It's gorgeous. I'm going to have a look for some too.
    You are very clever. I'll turn you into a geek yet!!


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