Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Champions

I had a really hectic day today.  J and S had their swimming carnival today.  It started at lunch time.  
J swam one race, freestyle and came fourth.  I was really impressed at how straight his stroke was, I was really really happy with how he swam.  He wasn't feeling too well so to get fourth was quite the achievement.  After that he really wasn't well at all and didn't swim in any of his other races, in fact he ended up sleeping in sick bay for the remainder of the carnival.
S swam really really well too.  He came third in his freestyle race.  He complained after that, that he didn't want to swim in any other races, he thought he only had to swim in one.  I ignored that complaint and then he took himself off to his other races without comment.
Not sure where he came in his backstroke but he did well.  Once again I was impressed with his straight stroke.  His last race, the ball race, he came second so he was pretty happy with himself.  He really got into the spirit of cheering on his house mates.
I had lots of running around this afternoon because I had to still drop the other kids I take to golf off.  J didn't go.  It was around 5ish before I even got home, after I went and picked up my two littliest from their Nan's house.
Tomorrow is little E's last swimming lesson at Shaplands.  I am very sad to be discontinuing her lessons, but I need to do what suits our family (and me) best.  The less places I have to run to and from the better.  I think the thing I am saddest about is that she won't get to see the two little girls that she swims with, because she loves her swimming lesson and her friends.

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